Dental Restoration Options To Replace a Missing Tooth

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Losing a tooth can be disconcerting. Thankfully, there are multiple dental restoration options to replace the missing tooth and restore dental functions. Read on to learn about available options. The choice ultimately boils down to the patient's oral condition and preferences. A dentist will recommend the proper treatment following a dental evaluation.

Dental restoration options for a missing tooth

The following are common options for replacing lost teeth:

Removable partial denture

Losing a front tooth can be embarrassing, considering it is visible when smiling. A removable partial denture may replace one or more missing teeth and is worn throughout the day. Metal clasps may be required to keep a partial denture in place. Unfortunately, these metal clasps may be seen while speaking or smiling.

Another drawback of a removable partial denture is that it may slide about when talking or eating. The dentist will recommend taking them out at night and soaking them in a cleaning solution. There is no need to file down any of the natural teeth with a partial denture, and it is a cost-effective choice for many patients. The dentist will recommend full dentures if the entire arch of teeth is missing.

Dental bridge

When teeth are on each side of the missing tooth, the dentist might recommend a dental bridge. A bridge is a permanent dental restoration that is cemented into the mouth and cannot be removed. This technique requires cutting down the natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth to support the bridge. Patients will need to get floss threaders that slip beneath the bridge to keep the area clean.

Bridges have the drawback of modifying otherwise healthy teeth, and bridges in the lower jaw may often not survive as long due to jaw flexing. The unbending bridge might create a leak that encourages the entry of bacteria and eventual decay. If the teeth next to the gap are damaged and require a crown, this option will be excellent for restoring the lost tooth and simultaneously repairing the neighboring tooth. A bridge may readily replace one or two lost teeth, and more if adequate support is available in some instances.

Dental implants

A dental implant is an excellent option for replacing a lost tooth. Compared to other dental restoration options, this solution feels and functions the most like a natural tooth. The implant replaces the lost tooth's root and takes many months to integrate properly with the bone. After that, the dentist will connect an abutment onto which a crown will be attached.

When placing an implant, there is no need to modify any other teeth. A single implant can replace a single missing tooth, while several implants can replace multiple missing teeth. It is difficult to differentiate between an implant and a natural tooth when smiling or talking.

Do you need a dental restoration?

The bone that supports a tooth may dissolve after tooth loss or extraction, and the surrounding teeth shift to fill in the space. This may make cleaning difficult and lead to additional bone loss or decay surrounding the existing teeth. It is advisable to contact a dentist to discuss dental restoration options if you have missing teeth.

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